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Hi! I started as a member of staff in 2015. I absolutely loved it. I became so passionate about supporting the charity and helping it to grow, I became part of the team of Trustees. 

When my daughter, Emily was young, I was concerned that there were not many activities that she would be able to access. When ILEAP was first formed, it provided what we needed and felt that in return, I needed to support Pete and the team. I have been a trustee since its formation and ILEAP has been a big part of our family with my other daughter (Charlotte Careless) a long-standing youth worker and son (Matthew), a youth worker before university. As a trustee, our role is to ensure the charity is following its objectives and give guidance and support to Pete in the running of the charity.


My son moved to live in Stratford in 2013. He joined ILEAP to help him develop new interests and make new friends. I was so impressed by the effectiveness of the organisation I wanted to contribute so I became a trustee. I have since taken on the role of chairperson. I greatly enjoy being involved. ILEAP provides a crucial service in Warwickshire for those people who need additional support to enjoy a full and active social life