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I love to volunteer at ILEAP because i can get to know people i would have never met before. I love to talk to everyone and get involved , helping where ever i can.


Since moving to Leamington Spa and finding my ‘forever’ home I wanted to be part of the local community. I previously worked with Special needs in Nigeria and Indonesia and loved it. ILEAP is a fantastic charity and being able to give my time fortnightly reading stories and poems to the clients is so fulfilling. My background as a Voice Coach gave me the skills when delivering the stories & poems. During lockdown I have provided stories on Sheldon the Shy Shark and other characters for the Charity to distribute to everyone, which I have loved doing. ILEAP will benefit as one of my charities when I become Ladies Captain at Leamington & County Golf Club for a year in March 2020. I am looking forward to being able to meet everyone face to face when it is safe to do so

In July 2021 Peggy became ILEAP’s very first Ambassador. Peggy has been very busy raising awareness and fundraising throughout the pandemic. She continues to fundraise and attend activities as a volunteer and storyteller.


I have recently started volunteering at ILEAP, assisting members on the Arts and Crafts, Cooking and Saturday Social sessions. I enjoy working with the various members, staff and volunteers associated with ILEAP. It allows for a greater connection with the community and its residents and I feel proud to be part of an organisation that offers everyone involved a positive outlet in which they may develop and grow.


Hi I’m Moya. 

I have volunteered with ILEAP for about 5 years now. I enjoy spending time with the ILEAP members swimming, keep fit,cooking and baking, singing, and helping out on stalls. The ILEAP members are an inspiration and I am proud to be part of the positive things ILEAP does. Recently I have supported the members and ILEAP staff doing zoom sessions which has helped us keep in touch.


The reasons I volunteer – “I really enjoy helping with the Sunday swimming sessions. I think I get as much, if not more, from the sessions than the people who attend  – many of whom have become good friends over the months and years. As well as seeing and joining in the fun they get from our sessions, it’s great to see how many of them have progressed. Some started as non swimmers and have gone on to swim a few yards, then a width and on to a full length. “But it’s also fantastic to see the real spirit, character and determination that everyone demonstrates – but above all it’s great fun for all of us. It still amazes me that with all of the many difficulties that many of the members obviously have, they never moan or complain and are always asking if you have had a good week. Gives a new perspective on life!”

This is my first-time volunteering and I have really enjoyed it. I wanted to help volunteer to gain experience with working with additional needs children and I’m glad I was given the chance to do so by such an amazing charity such as ILEAP.
I have enjoyed getting to know everyone and I have really liked helping out with the arts and craft sessions on a Saturday at the Rosebird centre and the early years summer activities in Kenilworth.
Hey, I’m Nuala 

I started volunteering at the start of 2021 and have enjoyed helping out wherever I can. I really enjoy meeting members and staff, everybody is so friendly. I love arts and crafts so I love teaching ILEAP members origami and making things to sell. I love volunteering for ILEAP as I get to do things I love whilst helping others. I challenged myself to unicycle 15km to fundraise and hope to plan another event in the future. 


This has been my first time volunteering and it's been so enjoyable and rewarding. I’ve enjoyed spending time with ILEAP members at the Saturday morning group and now the quiz nights, both groups have been great fun and perfect for anyone who enjoys spending time with people. The support staff and members are lovely and welcoming and are always there to help or answer questions. I’d highly recommend ILEAP to anyone!